Friday, February 20, 2009

TCEA Austin 2009

I went to the TCEA in Austin with my friends from LIBS friends and Twain! Ask the group about Pete's Dueling Piano Bar! Remember - what happens in Austin stays Austin!

Here are some comments on a few of the sessions!

TCEA, February 2 – 6, 2009, Austin, TX

Session # 90601
The Paperless Classroom
Presented by Erin Murphy, Klein ISD

Each campus/district needs to determine what the minimal technological needs are for each classroom. For example: document camera, smart board, LCD projector & laptop. Also teachers need to be trained and use the technology in the planning and delivery of instruction.

Session # 90210, So You Have a Smart Board – Now what?
Presented by Cindy Booth, Giddings ISD

Second grade teacher uses the smart board for the delivery if instruction in her classroom. This includes everything from recording lunch choices, to display the pledge of allegiance, and the morning math meeting which includes the calendar and making change and counting, Hundreds chart, daily depository. Many resources are downloadable for free. Also e-books.

Session # 90087, Save More Trees
Presented by Laila Patrick, Keller ISD

Classroom arrangement – bring computers to students desk to allow students to work cooperatively together throughout the day. Let go of the old classroom set-up; All instruction of core subjects can be accomplished via computers and internet access. Students assigned to “work” groups. Students have e-mail gaggle accounts.

Session # 90304, Video Book Talks/Reports on Teacher Tube
Presented by Melissa Hall, Lewisville ISD

Teachers using Teacher Tube to upload student video projects, i.e. book talks. Suggest getting teacher buy-in, requiring projects from students, obtaining permission slips from both students (high school), and parents. Project required but posting to internet is optional. Videos can be viewed on Windows Media Maker. Power point that will be on TCEA site explains completely.

Session # 90384, Big 6 Research Process
Presented by Linda Koehler, Northside ISD

Utilizing the Big 6 Research skills in the GT classroom;
Step 1 Task Definition
Step 2 Where do I look to find the resources I need.
Step 3 Locate and access
Step 4 Use the gathered information
Step 5 Synthesis – put it all together
Step 6 Evaluation – reflection on success of project/assignment

Instructor develops HOT LIST of web sites to ensure a safe and successful research process.
Software: Dreamweaver Fireworks
Citations required/MLA format
Rubrics used to define project

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thing # 23

Hooray for me!

There are so many exciting and useful Library 2.0 technologies and tools! To attempt to master them all at once is overwhelming - and unnecessary! Select the 3 - 5 Library 2.0 skills you feel will benefit you most personally and professionally, and master those first! Then you can move on to the ingest 1, 3 or 5!

Someone kick me and remind me not to do this again while undertaking two graduate level classes and working on a Masters.

However, I met the challenge and I learned a lot! and i met the deadline! THANKS team!

Thing # 12 other people's blogs

I left comments on the five blogs below!

1. Reading Thoughfully - I saw this in the window and just had to have it! That would be the gas saving, enviromentally green car on the right! I saw it on a colleagues blog and snatched it! Thanks Debbi! (Reading Thoughfully).

2. Lilypad Plalyground - kept looking for the FROG! Appreciated her photo story screen shots!

3. Gotbooks? - I must have missed the lesson on adding mp3 files! Yo go Kelli!

4. Infinite Planes - commented on Bruce's Rollyo video!

5. My Masters - one of the coolest looking blogs I have seen! I liked it!

Thing # 21 Video Podcasts

This is the rescued yellow labrador, Jack. I added music to the slide show, but alas no voice over. I hate the sound of my own voice, and no microphone\! Along with creating booktalks, students and teachers can use photostory for just abput anything. This year's PYP 5th grade exhibition is How We Express Ourselves. I am sure students will be creating PowerPoints, podcasts and using Flip minicams alot this coming year!

Thing # 20 You Tube and Teacher Tube Videos

The availability of videos on the net is amazing! I guess it was Andy Warhol who said everyone would have 15 minutes of fame! Is this what he meant?

Along with all the stuff we can't talk about and probably shouldn't be watching anyway, there is an enormus amount of educatioinal and "how to" videos about Library 2.0 Tools and Technology, a few that are featured on 23 Things.

I really liked the video about using wikis created by Vickie Davis, a computer science instructor in a K - 8 middle school, I believe in Atlanta. Ms. Davis uses wikis in her classes in a very effective and exciting way! Her video is one of the motivations I have for completing 23 Things! It is very worthwhile!

Thing # 19 Web 2.0 Awards

Writeboard is a great tool! Less cumbersome than a wiki - and less functionality. However there is less of a learning curve, so you ca get wight to the project without making a lot of newbie errors. Great for a collaborative proposal memo (which is what i worked on for a smartboard)! I am sure it can easily be used or a group or class project. It is a keeper!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thing # 18 Open Office & Google Docs

I said somewhere earlier that software i.e., MS Office etc., who needs it anymore? These programs are awesome! This must work especially well for people who buy laptops and computers without pre-loaded software. It certainly would make them less expensive. The one thing I noticed on google docs there were fewer fonts, so your documents are going to look more generic and homogenized. For a lot of people with whom personality is a part of self-expression, they will prefer an MS Office package. Publisher software!


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